About Us

Accurux Mesh Industry Co., Ltd is specialized in producing high quality screen meshes for aggregating, mining, asphalt mixing, road construction industries, and so on. This company has a team of engineers who has spent more than twenty years effort in wire cloth and screen media production.          


Accurux Mesh Industry Co., Ltd has been strictly following a set of good procedure to control the quality from raw materials choosing to final products shipping. This company's woven wire mesh screens have been widely applied in quarrying and mining, especially with various kinds of vibrating screens. After more than twenty year’s effort and experience, Accurux’s engineers is capable of serving vibrating screens users with high-quality wire mesh screen with high accuracy, long wear life and high anti-impact.  

The production line of Accurux Mesh Industry Co., Ltd is totally consist of new and highly advanced equipment, including CNC wire-drawing equipment, CNC wire-crimping machines, CNC wire screen netting machines…  

Tolerance Control

The error margin of the mesh is less than 3%, which is controlled better than the International Stands Requirements of this business line.

The error margin of the wire diameter is controlled less than ±3%.

The mesh diagonal line deviation of every two meters is less than 9mm.